What is Church Management Software?

Church management software enables religious organizations and churches to automate common management, administrative, and reporting tasks. These feature-rich systems help to streamline daily processes, support collaboration, and expedite communications. They are available as both comprehensive and standalone applications. Churches of any size and budget can benefit from this type of software.

Church management software can be used to manage membership and mailings, events, fundraising, and report generation. Churches can utilize the package to reduce costs and track the growth in their congregations. Start by checking our leader Planning Center, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Church Management Software

Top 10 Most Popular Church Management Software

Planning Center reviews
Planning Center

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 99%

Planning Center is a web-based church management app that equips churches with the tools they need to face challenges of the new era through task-focused solutions. Read Reviews

FellowshipOne reviews

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 100%

FellowshipOne is a church management software platform that integrates church management, accounting, and online giving solutions. Read Reviews

EasyWorship reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 98%

EasyWorship is a church media software that assists ministers in creating engaging and media-rich presentations for their sermons and other church activities. Read Reviews

easyTithe reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 100%

easyTithe is a flexible and convenient online giving solution for churches. Read Reviews

Pro Church Tools reviews
Pro Church Tools

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 89%

Pro Church Tools is a website that offers free tools, courses, podcasts, and other content for churches to gain new skills and to be noticed by prospective members. Read Reviews

ChurchTrac Online reviews
ChurchTrac Online

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

ChurchTrac Online is a church management software app that aids small and mid-sized churches and ministries administer their members, prospects, and visitors. Read Reviews

ACS Church Software reviews
ACS Church Software

Our Score 8.3

User Satisfaction 100%

ACS church management and accounting software provides solutions to help faith-based organizations streamline operational and finance-related workflows. Read Reviews

Churchteams reviews

Our Score 8.2

User Satisfaction 100%

A management platform created specifically to help churches manage their internal operations and functions, such as membership management, attendance, and donations. Read Reviews

Church Community Builder reviews
Church Community Builder

Our Score 8.2

User Satisfaction 98%

Church Community Builder helps church leaders implement effective systems and processes through software, coaching, and peer-to-peer networks. Read Reviews

ChurchDesk reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

ChurchDesk is the all-in-one church management system that supports your work and helps you build stronger relationships. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Church Management Software

Church management software aids churches and religious organizations to automate and streamline routine daily tasks. This type of system offers undeniable benefits, but how do you select the best church management software programs as each one offers different tools? To avoid mistakes, churches need to carefully investigate a shortlist of platforms and do informed comparisons to ensure they pick an apt solution. To help you, we provide the lowdown on what is church management software and the top functionalities and elements to look for in it.

Get to know each product with free trial

The best church management software providers offer a free trial or demo to enable potential buyers to do a comparison of the features before they invest their money. Utilize this opportunity to understand if each app’s feature set offers what you need. Visit the websites of these popular church software systems to check if they offer a free trial: Servant Keeper, Churchteams, Roll Call, and Breeze. These applications have high rankings in our church management software reviews, so take a good look at them. 

Targeted Businesses

  • Small and family size churches. Though people are familiar with each other in small churches, still church managers need to record contributions, track attendance, and maintain membership data. They can invest in affordable installed or SaaS products to manage daily administrative tasks.
  • Medium and large size churches. Churches that have 250 to 2,000 members usually have large budgets that need advanced accounting and reporting programs. These apps efficiently track spending by project, department, and fund, and automate member contributions, fixed asset tracking, payroll, and taxes.
  • Megachurches. These churches have more than 2,000 members and may use multiple locations. So, they need a system that offers a single database that enables leaders to track and report from any location to manage events and outreach programs. Plus, the software should offer communication tools to assist volunteers and members to create groups, collaborate, and schedule activities.

Examples of Church Management Software

  • Servant Keeper: A member and volunteer management system suitable for midsize to enterprise-level faith-based organizations and churches. They can use it to reduce administrative overhead and streamline member management.
  • Churchteams: A church management software solution aimed at churches overseeing multiple ministries and small groups. It supports membership management, contributions, check-in, mass communications and more.
  • Roll Call: A church management platform with on-premise as well as cloud deployment options. It offers a church attendance portal, children’s check-in system, group and class management system, contribution tracking system, and centralized membership database.
  • Breeze: A web-based solution catering to the requirements of small and midsize churches across the US. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

Types of Church Management Software

Desktop-based software

The main advantage of desktop-based systems is you can store everything securely on your computers. You own the solution and your data. However, you need to take care to perform regular backups so that your church data is safe in case a disaster or emergency crashes your on-premise computers.

Web-based or cloud systems

These solutions can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, they are ideal for larger churches that have employees working in diverse locations. Top apps offer handy features such as enabling members to view their personal membership records as well as donation history from their home.

Key Features of Church Management Software

  • Membership management. You can securely store and update important member, visitor, and volunteer data such as addresses, phone numbers, and activity involvement. Plus, you can utilize reporting and search features to customize lists and create directories for outreach.
  • Check-in and child security. Check-in tools track member and visitor attendance at events such as retreats, camps, and seminars. Plus, they can integrate with touch screen technology to enable self-service check-in. Child check-in functionality helps to keep track of children present in specific church places such as nurseries and classrooms.
  • Communications/outreach. These tools can be used to engage members through direct mail, email marketing, events, and activities.
  • Volunteer management. Empowers churches to organize volunteers’ contact details, availability, work history and more. Scheduling features and outreach tools can be utilized to contact volunteers for planned events.
  • Event and facilities management. Helps to reduce the time spent on managing group events and activities. Scheduling tools prevent double booking of resources such as video equipment, vans, and rooms. Other functionalities include tracking and reporting, payment process support, event listing search, and web-based registration.
  • Accounting. Helps to securely track and report revenues and expenses for multiple funds.
  • Contributions/donor management. Helps to securely collect and manage major, planned, and individual donations.

Benefits of Church Management Software

What benefits can your church expect by subscribing to a church software solution? Here is the list of major advantages:

  • You can maintain a secure contact database that contains details of all members, visitors, and volunteers.
  • Reporting capabilities enable you to compile the data needed to make effective stewardship decisions.
  • You can improve membership engagement by easily communicating announcements to select groups and individuals as well as the entire congregation.
  • Securely track contributions and donations with back-end processing and reporting to generate statements and maintain records for audit purposes.
  • Use automated activity and event scheduling tools to empower groups and members.

Latest Trends

  • Social media. Faith-based organizations and churches are keeping pace with the times and leveraging the popularity of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to engage members and volunteers. They are sharing information and content on these sites to get support for their events and activities. Plus, they are linking social media channels with other outreach mediums like email to improve communication with members.  
  • Online donations. Surveys report that online donations are increasing at faith-based groups and congregations. To utilize the popularity of the internet, churches need to provide members and volunteers effortless ways to make online and mobile contributions.

Potential Issues

Churches may fail to make full use of the software because of the following reasons:

  • They may invest in a solution that does not integrate with other accounting, membership, and contributions tools, or is not capable of scaling to meet growth.
  • Churches may overlook important regulatory, compliance, or accounting issues.
  • Do not possess the software infrastructure and knowhow to support integration of applications from different vendors.
  • Fail to provide adequate training to staff members to utilize the full functionality and features of the software.

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